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    Holistic functional medicine practice Embark on a transformative path to optimal health with TrueHeaL Wellness. Discover the intersection of IV ozone infusion therapy and Functional Medicine – where science meets holistic care, and your well-being takes center stage. TrueHeaL Wellness- Functional Medicine -Transformative Wellness, Tailored for You.

  • Modest Dentistry Scottsdale

    Looking for a dentist in Scottsdale AZ? Our highly skilled dentists have made the highest standards of dental service with their expertise and years of experience. We can serve every patient with a wide range of dental treatments like teeth removal, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, scaling, and polishing.

  • Modest Dentistry

    At Modest Dentistry, we believe in delivering comprehensive dental care that caters to all your oral health needs. Our highly skilled dentists near Phoenix AZ are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. From routine cleanings and fillings to advanced treatments such as root canals Read more [...]

  • Nova Cell Integrative Therapies

    We provide Integrative Health Solutions with ozone therapy modalities including IV therapies and other IV-micronutrients at home and in our wellness center. We also provide NIR light sessions to further enhance the benefits of our personalized restorative protocols.

  • Inspiration Health & Wellness

    The Procedure During UVBIO3, your blood is obtained by draw and infused with ozone gas at up to 68mcg/mL strength. Then your ozonated blood is reinfused back to you after a pass through antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and mitochondrially nourishing UV light. At Inspiration Health & Wellness, we have invested in Read more [...]

  • Abigail Bisson ND Inc

    Family Practice Clinic with an emphasis on functional medicine and life extension. As part of our medical services we provide intravenous UVBI with ozone. We also provide rectal, otic and nasal ozone insufflation for a variety of health conditions including chronic and acute infections and inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine

    At Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine, we are committed to providing individualized, patient-centered care that takes into account the whole person, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through our team of holistically and conventionally trained physicians, practitioners and therapists of multiple healing modalities, and holistic medical spa specialists, we strive to Read more [...]